The Skyway

One comment I hear a lot from guests when they check into the hotel, is that for such a large city the streets are pretty vacant. My answer is usually along the lines of “look up!” You see, Minneapolis is home to the world renowned Skyway System, a system of glass tunnels connecting the second floors of many downtown shops, restaurants and businesses. In fact, the Skyway connects a total of sixty-nine city blocks. (That’s an estimated eight miles!!) 

149586020_e3bec1fd73The Skyways are climate controlled, offering protection from the bitter chill of winter or the sweltering humidity that comes with Minnesota summers. It’s a great resource for those guests who wish to travel from the hotel without going outdoors. You can easily get to destinations like the Convention Center, Target Headquarters and Target store, the IDS Building and Block E. Of course, when traveling long distances in the Skyway, you do have to take a few more turns than you would have to outside, but for the convenience of not having to lug around a heavy coat it is often times worth the extra five or ten minutes added on to your journey.

For more information about the Minneapolis Skyway network feel free to stop by our Concierge desk. We also have skyway maps to guide you along your way!

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